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Birth without Fear during COVID-19

Empower yourself and your partner with TECHNIQUES, TOOLS and TRICKS to experience a calmer, more comfortable birth.

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The Relax Into Birth school features the most comprehensive pregnancy and birth preparation courses you will find online. Whether you want to supplement your antenatal information with relaxation techniques, learn more about the physiology of birth or even how to avoid interventions, you have come to the right place.

  • Slot the course of your choice into your life and do it in your own time.

  • RELAX INTO BIRTH: A comprehensive Hypnobirthing course comprising over 250 minutes of video content, 13 (and counting!) Hypnobirthing audio tracks and downloadable content. You will learn how to exhaust all forms of natural pain relief methods for a calmer birth experience.

  • RELAX INTO BIRTH PLUS: This is Relax Into Birth with extra muscle! Here you will learn everything featured in the Relax Into Birth course, as well as the medical side of birth, presented by Midwife Karen. This is a complete, holistic antenatal course.

  • Hypnobirthing helps with a shorter labour, a reduction in the need for pain relief or interventions in labour.

  • Dads and partners become effective doula-dads aka birth companions by doing the course with you. They learn what is expected of them in the birthing environment.

  • Birth without fear and anxiety and embody the calm that comes with regular Hypnobirthing practice.

  • Enjoy an empowered birth experience as you learn about your options for birth - and therefore fewer cases of postnatal depression.

  • Enjoy being part of a virtual community with the pregnancy whatsapp group and then graduate to the Empowering Motherhood group once your baby has come.

  • Get to know Doula Charlene and Midwife Karen as they walk you through pregnancy and birth with their extensive skillset and knowledge of birth and beyond.

  • A calmer acceptance of whatever turn your birthing may take.

Let me Walk with You...

I will teach you all you need to know for your Hypnobirth and you will feel held all the way, as if you have a doula in your pocket. All Hypnobirthing tracks are recorded in my voice, so let me join you in the birth room.

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See what other parents are saying about Relax Into Birth and how the course helped them achieve the hypnobirth they wanted, using tools and techniques for an empowered, calm birthing.


Why should you Relax Into Birth?

Perfect during a pandemic

Tracy Flowers

Thanks for creating these courses, my husband and I have been loving it! It is so great to do it at our own pace and be able to go back to things as needed. It is very helpful and reassuring content, especially when having a baby during COVID-19. Highly recommend the Hypnobirthing course to any moms who haven't done it yet. Now on the "other side" of delivery, I can definitely say it helped keep me calm leading up to and throughout the whole process and it gave my husband some concrete things to do to help me too! I am a doctor and my birth and Relax Into Birth has completely changed my perspective of birth.

A wonderful tool for both my births

Tertia Dixon

Thank you Charlene! Signing up has honestly been the best decision of this pregnancy! Absolutely loving it so far and so super impressed with how you’ve put these courses together. Having done it once before for our firstborn in 2016, it so nice to have it all in one place and have all the hypnobirthing tracks on my phone for easy access. It is so amazing to have you in my hand and home any time of day. The course's value is way more than the investment. Some of the visualisations and techniques can be used way beyond pregnancy and birth as well and will help any new mother with the transition into motherhood. I am specifically thinking of rainbow visualisation and using keywords ‘peaaace’ and visualising the pituitary gland releasing endorphins- we sure are going to need those after birth as well! The courses prepare you physically, emotionally and spiritually and explains a lot of the emotional and spiritual aspects of birth, which can be difficult for a woman to express.

I feel so grounded and calm

Tash King

I love it Charlene. I have been a bit out of sorts with everything happening right now and your course is grounding me wonderfully. Max, my firstborn, is also watching the videos so now knows that “Charlene will be coming here to help get Mama get sister out the tummy!" I'm really enjoying learning more about this amazing process our bodies are undergoing and fighting the fear stereotype that society perpetuates around birth.

I am no longer afraid

Kendall Jack

I am so happy and it is amazing that in such a short time, things have really changed just from doing the course. I no longer have the fear and tension of delivering my second boy, but rather excited and feel more ready than ever. Thank you Charlene, It’s made such a difference.

I can birth without fear now

Zahn van Wyk

I have finished the course, and have started with the daily ritual of the HypnoBirthing tracks. We gained so much value from this course, thank you for the user friendly format and sharing all these tracks for reaffirming the principles daily. My husband and I have been practising meditation for few years, I also practise yoga, and was so interesting to see how many principles of Hypnobirthing run parallel with these practices. I have really been enjoying it and feel super prepped for our birth. We are doing a home birth, and it's our first baby, so this has really given us all the more reason to welcome this process and not have fear, even if for any reason a hospital intervention should be necessary. I was also very happy with the inclusion of the aromatherapy module, as we love essential oils and Epsom salt baths - and it has been part of our daily routines for a few years. So I mentioned to my husband that it just makes sense to me that essential oils would form a part of our labour process as well and still wanted to do our research, and then was so happy to see you include it into the course. Our diffuser will therefore be a crucial part of our bag of tricks! :)

My pregnant body is amazing

Candice Goldschmidt

Lockdown has brought so many gifts and one being that hubby can work from home, but i feel it’s also made me so impatient to meet my baba as I just want her with us now! The course has been beautiful and and really taught me to embrace my body and how amazing it is.

Endorphins flow with Relax Into Birth

Nicola Rabkin

The course has been amazing Charlene. I fall asleep to the Lotus relaxation almost every night! One time I was listening to it in the bath and felt like I was on drugs - the endorphins were pumping. I’m really looking forward to birth and not allowing fear to creep in, knowing my body was made for this! Thank you Charlene for creating such amazing content. Lockdown has been interesting, a wonderful opportunity to slow down and really be with the pregnancy, but I also want to show off my cute bump to the world! I love the Lotus Relaxation track. I listen to it almost every night or sometimes early in the morning after I wake up to wee. I love the early hours connecting with my bump, before dozing off again.

I love listening to the Hypnobirthing tracks

Frances Straeuli

I've really been enjoying the birth affirmations and the fear release visualisation makes me feel really empowered and also a bit emotional and overwhelmed by a powerful sense of awe. I do stretches and practice my breathing while listening to the tracks usually inbetween getting home from work and making supper or first thing in the morning on my days off. I find if I am not physically active while listening I'm off to sleep very quickly, which isn't a bad thing!

I now feel confident to birth in hospital

Sam Scarborough

Thanks Charlene! I am so grateful to have come across your course. I find it incredibly helpful and couldn't recommend it anymore to expecting moms. This is the best thing I ever could have done relating to my pregnancy, my fears, my questions, my unknown - everything. It has been SO VALUABLE in my preparation and mental state. I look forward to my session everyday and, I now look forward to my birth and I cannot, ever, thank enough Charlene.

Relax Into Birth calms and relaxes me

Charlotte Olthoff

I love the course and listen to the Lotus Relaxation and Birth Affirmations every day. What is also really helpful: listen to the Lotus Relaxation when you can’t sleep at night: I put my AirPods in and it works every time...

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